Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed is the complete retail Point of Sale solution for single or multi-store operations that combines Mac innovation with powerful backend business tools, a streamlined POS interface for fast front-counter sales and a tightly-integrated Web Store for selling online.

Are you looking for a powerful, yet mobile sales tool?

At Phintec, we know that in order to run a successful business you need front-of-house technology that is not only efficient, but reliable and affordable. Your company’s success relies on providing stellar service which begins and ends with a solid sales system. Beyond that, you want a system that isn't tied to bulky computers - opting for something a little more mobile, like the Apple iPad, instead. That’s why we offer Lightspeed Retail, a user-friendly and mobile system that allows you to manage inventory, sales and customers from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Lightspeed Retail is a highly mobile Sales management system that is accessible from any platform, and location. This system will revolutionize the way you do business!

Lightspeed Retail is:

  • Accessible anywhere - Based in the cloud, all you need to access Lightspeed Retail is an Internet connection.
  • Always up to date - No need to worry about installing updates. Because you access Lightspeed Retail from the Web, the content will always be the latest and greatest.
  • Mobile - Get rid of the cash register! Lightspeed Retail allows you to process payments on the go with the iPad app.
  • Easy - For one monthly price, everything is included in an easy to setup and manage system.

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