7 Things We Do Better

You won’t find another IT Consulting, Computer Support, or Network Services business in Orlando, Winter Park and Altamonte Springs that would dare to make these promises:

  1. We Promise to Respond in Sixty Minutes or Less. Our professional technician will respond immediately or return your call within sixty minutes or less. The work is free if we don't get back to you in that one-hour time frame.
  2. Pronto Repair. Your computer network and your time are too important to wait around for computer repair, so we offer prompt remote network IT support services. This network support service allows your computer network to be accessed remotely. We'll dispatch a technician that same business day, if it can't.
  3. We Talk Like You Do. You'll get the clear answers to your computer and IT support questions that you deserve. You won't be made to feel stupid by any technical talk by our IT support specialists.
  4. We Guarantee Absolute 100% Satisfaction. Expect total satisfaction with our products, IT Consulting and technology support services. With our IT management services, nothing will get in the way of making sure you are a happy customer.
  5. No Disasters Waiting in the Wings. Feel secure that your network or data will not be damaged in the process. Before we begin computer maintenance services, we check first to see if there are any possible problems and alert you first. Any risks will be clearly explained and we will get your authorization before we begin working. You can also choose to have your data synchronized and backed up before we proceed any further on your machine.
  6. Our Guarantee - All Completed Projects Will Be On Time and On Budget. Know that by hiring us for IT Consulting, to complete a project or perform network services, there will be no "nickel and diming" for charges that are unexpected. Sometimes this happens with unethical and incompetent technicians who have improperly planned and researched. We do the right thing and make no excuses. Your IT support project will be completed within time constraints, resources, scope, and budget.
  7. Expect Accuracy With Our Billing. Each detailed bill will from us will be completely accurate - guaranteed. All IT management services charges are preapproved by you, so you'll always know what you are paying for.